Booking a hotel room just got a whole lot better

Now you can get exactly what you want, at the price you want.

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Benefits of using Guestpik

When you start using Guestpik, you will wonder why booking hasn't always been done this way

Tell the hotel exactly what you want

Don't leave things to chance. Tell the hotel all your requirements and confirm them through chat.

Get a better price

Negotiate the best price for your stay. Why pay standard pricing when you can pay less?

Easily make changes

No more stressing over a change to your booking. Chat directly with the hotel and confirm the changes with them.

Got questions about your stay?

Chat with the hotel front desk at any time, before or during your stay. Get the information you need when you need it.

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Meet Angelika

See why she loves booking hotels on

"Booking rooms directly with the hotel using is a revolution in customer service. No more leaving things to chance. Know exactly what you are getting, and the price you are paying!"

How it works

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Chat directly with the hotel is popular with guests because they have direct contact with the hotel through an inovative chat

  • Make sure you are getting exactly what you want before you make your booking
  • Avoid missunderstandings about what the you want and what the hotel can provide
  • Pay less for a better service
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